Discover your own mind maze

In my game The Word Is Not The Thing I created a fun little mind maze as the final level.

Sure, fun is a relative word, but to go into this can indeed be great fun if you follow it for yourself without thinking that I am trying to tell you something.

I mean, it’s absolutely no fun if you just merely think you are receiving what I am saying and will either reject or accept it.

It’s only great fun when you take what is being said and run with it as if these are your own words, as…

Most people don’t bother asking what fear is. Until I started to go into understanding myself, I didn’t either

I’m not talking about physical fear. You know, the fear of a burning stove when it’s in front of you, or the fear of being run over by a bus as it comes speeding down the street.

What I’m talking about is psychological fear.

Sort of like the fear of the bus, but this time it’s nowhere to be seen. But thinking about this hypothetical bus, as scary as it seems, doesn’t really induce that deep fear we all struggle with, does it?

How about the fear that’s lingering while I write this?

The fear of not being good enough…

A journey to the feeling behind the word fear

It may not be expected for a video game to go into stuff that’s deep, but that’s the kind of games I make. We have a medium in front of us that allows us to directly observe our own relationship to people, things and ideas, revealing to each one of us the way we actually are.

I’ll first try and answer why I think it’s important to get to deep feelings. Or, rather, why it’s important to bother getting to the deepest feeling of all: the feeling behind the word fear.

I have found that when this feeling is out…

When I’m no longer afraid of feeling completely, I smile because I can’t help it

This week I felt a powerful emotion.

I don’t remember how it came about. Maybe after a conversation or maybe while doing some work.

The feeling was uncomfortable and disturbing. It made me feel like my chest was ready for its grand destruction. Like I was ready for blasting off into my very own hollow and lonely space journey. I felt like clutching to my insides just so I didn’t fall to the ground.

Obviously, I wanted to get away from this feeling. So, how did I do that?

I mean, I could distract myself as perfectly as the next…

Jaiyan Khosa

creator of games for going into things like love, death, fear, time, thought and stuffz like that.

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